Intensive Guidance Programme (IGP)

Tests for UPSC CS Prelims 2020
for aspirants studying full-time at home
Course duration: 1 Aug - 30 Nov 2019
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Reg last date: 30 Jul 2019 | 100 Seats

Intensive Guidance Programme - 2020

Download IGP 2020 Course Plan

IGP is a game changer for UPSC Civil Services preparation. It is the most comprehensive and efficient online guidance programme for the preliminary stage of the exam.

It is best suited for those who are "studying fulltime at home" and are about to begin their preparation for UPSC Civil Services Exam - 2020 and also for those are struggling to clear the Preliminary exam in their past attempts.

The programme is designed to instill the much required confidence in the aspirants by inculcating discipline and diligence through daily tests and targets.

The plan has been designed in such a way that a minimum of 50 pages to a maximum 120 pages will be covered by the student (through self-study) on a given day. Utmost care has been taken to make sure the student faces optimum work-load everyday and that he/she is also able to grasp and understand concepts without feeling pressurized about just completing targets everyday.

A student will have to dedicate approximately 8 hours towards this schedule on a particular day, so that he can utilize the rest of the time to prepare for mains, especially for the optional subject.

All the basic and standard text books that are indispensable to cover the static portion of the syllabus have been included in the plan. Books are chosen in such a way that it will not only help the students cover the prelims syllabus thoroughly but will also help them cover maximum static portion of the GS 1,2 and 3 Syllabus of Mains Exam. This will eventually help students to begin with answer writing for Mains as soon as the prelims exam gets over.

The targets set for current affairs and the resources suggested to the students will help them cover the issues for the last one year in an efficient manner.

There has been conspicuous trends in the recent UPSC Prelims exams on various miscellaneous topics. The targets and resources suggested under this programme will help students to cover all those areas and help them maximize their score beyond the cut-off marks.

The Multiple Choice Questions under this programme are designed in such a way that they resemble the quality and difficulty that is seen in the UPSC Prelims exam. This is of utmost importance because it will help the students to develop a mental make-up and strategy that is required to use the elimination techniques for solving the questions in the real exam.

Last but not the least, The students will periodically get access to articles written by those who are into the services and by those who have consistently done well in the prelims exam. The articles will try to address the questions about how to use elimination techniques, how many questions should to be attemped, how to guage the difficulty level of paper and how to be in the best frame of mind while soving the prelims exam and much more.

The best part about this programme is that it's a one time investment. Everything you learn here will stay with you throughout your entire journey towards preparing for this exam. The art of learning to prepare for UPSC Prelims exam, in the right way, is a one-time exercise. It can be easily replicated by your own efforts in the successive attempts, without having to enroll for this programme again.


How do i take the sample test?

Step 1: Click on "Take Sample Test" on this page.

Step 2: Register/Login to the test portal.

Step 3: Click on "Learn" in the test dashboard.

Step 4: Select the Sample test and appear for it.

Step 1: Click on "Register now" on this page.

Step 2: After paying the fee, Email your Full name, Email - Id and Phone Number to

The course will be activated on 30th July 2019.

You may sign up on the test portal now and try out sample tests.

You will cover the syllabus in the most comprehensive manner.

Low cost nominal course fee will be light on pockets and will not add financial burden on you.

Focussed preparation will help you build discpline and dedication in your preparation.

The course validity will end on May 31, 2020.

The complete syllabus will be finished by Nov 30, 2020. Only revision and full length tests around conducted after that. Download the course plan to confirm the same.

Once for now. More attempts will be allowed as the exam approaches near, for revision purposes.

Unfortunately, We are working on a really low budget to run this initiative and any refund will not be possible after registration. We will appreciate your support and understanding regarding this.

Detailed explanation will be provided only for those questions which needs thorough explanation for bringing conceptual clarity, and "Exact links or source page number with book" for other questions will be provided so that the student can refer the original source and understand the concept properly. This is done to save time and to inculcate the habit of referring original sources.

Students can raise their doubts through comments, directly in test portal while reviewing the solutions. Queries will be quickly resolved through this mechanism.

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