Previous year CSP Mocks

Starts March 15 2019

UPSC Previous year Questions 2011-2018

Solving Previous year questions is a very fundamental and important exercise in the preparation for this exam.

The reasons are as follows,

It helps the students to get adapted to the quality, difficulty and pattern seen in the UPSC Prelims exam.

A question or two are sometimes repeated from the previous years, it will help the students to get those crucial 2 or 4 marks to maximize their scores.

Students will be able to learn their personal strategies to develop elimination techniques that work for the type and pattern of questions asked in UPSC Prelims exam. Solving these mocks multiple times will help them fine-tune their strategies.


How many times can i take the test?

The test is free and students are free to take the tests as many time as you feel.

Students can take these tests after they have completed the 1st reading of the prelims syllabus.

The tests can be taken on any device which has an internet connection and a web browser. It can be either mobile phone or tablet or computer. We recommend using a computer for a better experience.

The duration for these tests in exam conditions is 2 hours. However we have not set any duration for these tests because students who are attempting it for the first time may not be comfortable with the time limit. It is advisable to keep a tab on the time and try to complete it within 2 hours.

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